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Jay Cutler #85 in Top 100 list

No, not the NFL Networks much hyped and water-coolered about Top 100 list as voted by the current players, I mean the other one.  The one being done by Sports Illustrated's NFL writer Peter King.  He has Jay Cutler at #85 in his Top 100, the NFL Network has Tennessee defensive end Jason Babin at #85.

Both the NFL player list and King's list are up to #41.  King has Cutler ahead of fellow QB's Sam Bradford #97, Tony Romo #93, and Josh Freeman #90, and so far King has Joe Flacco #81 and Eli Manning #77 placing higher than Cutler.  King has a number of differences on his top 100 list. 

He doesn't have Lance Briggs (#92 according to the NFL players) on his list thus far.  I wonder if he'll even appear on the King list?  But he does have Brian Urlacher at an identical #49.  The NFL Network has already announced that 4 Bears will be on their top 100.  With Cutler and Urlacher on the King list already, could he have 5 or maybe even 6 Bears on his 100?