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Chicago Bear Wars: Episode 8; The Lockout Numbs Minds

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This season can't possibly drag on any longer.  Can it?
This season can't possibly drag on any longer. Can it?

So, I've had too much time on my hands. I'm a public school teacher. It's summer. The NFL's in a lockout. So you get something that has nothing to do with football. Several years ago this web site did a "What do you think we look like" thingy. As I recall it was actually how DaHamsta got his avatar. So I started thinking I'd do something like that with the contributing writers here at WCG. So when I got to Dane and Adam I kept coming back to the same image. I couldn't shake it and a theme began to develop. A Star Wars theme as it just so happens. So I cast myself as Luke and, well.... Just see what I came up with after the jump.

Ok, so hear me out. I stated I have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands. And there really isn't much news to discuss in the actual world of the Bears. So I've been bored. My mind works in mysterious ways and this was the direction it went. I cast myself as the protagonist Luke Skywalker and I've cast the contributing writers and some of the regulars around here as characters from the original Star Wars series. Plus I've decided to use their original names just to see if the faithful know who's who. Oh, and sorry about the image sizes, I'm terrible with formatting stuff and things. So let's start in no particular order....

1. Niquebears. He cares about his peeps. He's in the know. A friends friend. (sorta) He's obviously....



2. Wiltfongjr. The man has knowledge to share. He provides guidance. He knows what's best. And his advice is gold. He, of course is.....



3. HoneyBear. Now this one seems pretty obvious. She helpful. She provides everyone with a calming presence. Plus I like GG so we get a very PG.....


And that would appear to make GG....



4. SJS_Illini and Smudgers. Next we have our comedy duo. When they take the stage it's nothing but one liners and endless action. Here we clearly have....



5. Spongie. Now I'll import a frequent contributor. He's got that dry wit and flair. Plus the accent just works. He's...



6. Kdoggers. He's the scary man behind the scenes. He's clearly an enforcer and a force to be reckoned (think ban hammer) with he's....



7. SouthSidePollcak. This guy gets all the great assignments. I picture his life being one party after another. Just an endless life of entertainment. I guess I'm a little jealous so he is.....



8. Elidar is up next. This guy deals in advice for the fantasy footballer. A bit of a guru himself when dealing with the abstract world of fantasy football he becomes.......



9. Spleensplitter. He takes care of our daily den. Running the show behind the scenes. Like helping Luke pilot while not really getting any credit. And as always, comic relief.....



9&10. Geauxbears and Adam. Lastly we have the pair that inspired this entire ridiculous venture. Because one works from the shadows while the other clearly takes a clear hand in the goings on around here. Plus he's like a Dad to me.....



Oh and just for fun (like any of this can be taken seriously)..... DaHamsta.....



Then from left to right we have ed_brown, Allie, and the aforementioned Geauxbears.....



Because he scares me here's suckmyditka.....



I know I probably left out some very deserving contributors (who are probably grateful for being left out) and I hope no one was offended. Again, waaay too much time on my hands, combined with an active imagination, and possibly mental illness and this is the result. Hope you enjoyed.