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Devin Hester is OVERRATED!!! (clap clap clap clap clap)

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The NFL off season is always the time of year when analysts, columnists, and experts bring out their lists.  Top 10, top 100, best of , worst of, and today's spotlight, overrated & underrated.  Pete Prisco, Senior Writer of has unveiled his list of each teams overrated and underrated player.  Care to guess who he tabbed as overrated for the Chicago Bears?

Overrated: WR Devin Hester. I hate to go back to a guy I picked last year, but let's be real. He had 40 catches last season and he isn't a real factor as a kickoff return man anymore. He can still excel as a punt returner, but that doesn't make him a star -- just a return man.

And I have to agree.  Well, I sort of have to agree.  Devin Hester is overrated in the sense that his production doesn't equal his hype.  But, and there's always a but, Hester is still a player that the opposition has to be cognizant of at all times.  Whether on offense or in the return game, teams are always aware of him.  In limited opportunities, Hester did set a personal best in kickoff return average at 35.6, so to say he isn't a factor in that part of the game may be a little premature.  It looks like he'll never be a 70 catch guy, but he's still a potent weapon for a smart offensive coordinator.

His underrated Bear is a player that might not be here next season, depending on the free agency rules established after a CBA is agreed upon.

Underrated: S Danieal Manning. He is a former corner who has made a nice move to safety. His range really shows up on tape as he has the speed to get to a lot of footballs.

I really hope Manning is back.  I'd love to see him play another year at the same position, just to see if the familiarity with strong safety will show in his instincts.

Let us know who you think are the most overrated and underrated current Chicago Bears.