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Chicago Bears place in only 2 in this Top 100

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I had so much fun piggybacking off's Pete Prisco with my 1pm post, I figured I'd hit his work up again.  A while back he did his own version of the top 100 NFL players currently playing and the Chicago Bears placed a measly two players on his list.  Two. 

The NFL players list on the NFL Network will have four.  Prisco even listed numerous players that just missed his cut, and there was nary a Bear among them.


In his 100-51 list he had one Bears player, with the other showing up in his 50-1 list.  Here's what he had to say.

82. Brian Urlacher, MLB, Chicago Bears: After missing all but one game in 2009 with an injury, he bounced back to lead the Bears in tackles with his highest total in four seasons.

11. Julius Peppers, DE, Chicago Bears: He always has been a top talent, but the move to Chicago as a free agent seemed to bring out the best in him. Even though he didn't have great sack numbers (eight), he was a force for the Bears.

I suppose if you only think two Chicago players are worthy, these would be the two.  But check out some of the players he has listed and ask yourself if Lance Briggs shouldn't have displaced a few of those guys.