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Bigger picture: Chicago Bears Management, Volume 3 - The General Manager

Getting to the bottom of who is responsible for the successes or failures of the Chicago Bears has so far proven to be a bit unclear, at least based on the first two editions of this series.

View part one, the ownership here, and part two, the President, here.

In this edition, we'll take a gander at the General Manager, Jerry Angelo.

His Drafts have been the stuff of legends, and not necessarily for good reasons. Angelo has proven to have the ability to find late-round talent, but has also had more than his share of misses with early-round picks.

Again, we have to first consider how much of his decisions and strategies are based on what his boss, Ted Phillips, wants to see. Is Angelo given free reign in running the day-to-day operation, or is he being influenced?

Certainly, the last couple of offseasons has seen a much more aggressive Angelo, with him landing Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers, and those moves could definitely pay dividends in both short and long-term scenarios. But, looking at the years that the McCaskeys, Phillips, Angelo, and Lovie Smith have had together, what are your thoughts on the GM's role in all of this?