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Rashied Davis To Return With A New Deal?

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Probably only in a July with an extremely uncomfortable offseason does one get two news pieces posted in one day regarding Rashied Davis. Nevertheless, that's exactly what we have today.

When the morning piece posted with Davis's comments about the lockout, there was another bit of news buried in yesterday's football camp, where Davis was a volunteer coach. Today, Brad Biggs posted that Davis thinks he's in line for a new contract once the lockout ends.

"I got a feeling from them that they will be offering me something," Davis said Saturday when he volunteered at the free youth football camp put on at Northwestern by Position Tech. "Everything is talk until it is actually offered. It sounds good until it actually happens. I am hoping. Hopefully, I don't have to pick my family up and move somewhere else."

Go ahead and check out the rest of the article; there're some pretty solid comments in there.

Apparently in response to free agency... At least we know what he wants.

"It's a good thing I don't have to worry about that," Davis said. "I just have to get a contract."

Personally, I'd love to have Davis back - contributes on special teams and can give the offense a little something as a depth receiver. What do you guys think - do you have room for Rashied Davis on your Final 53?