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Lockout winding down; "July 21 is the key date"

A couple hours ago Clark Judge of, posted a very optimistic piece on that site about the NFL Lockout nearing an actual end.  He even goes as far as passing along info from some of his "anonymous" sources, including an NFL head coach.  I'll highlight his piece after the jump.

Amid reports that an agreement could be reached as early as this week, a head coach on Monday morning said he's been told July 21 is the key date -- with owners expected to meet to ratify a new deal -- while a source with another club said he and members of the team's staff have been notified that training camp will open without a hitch.

That bold is mine.  Without a hitch is good. 

He goes on to say this is the time frame he was hearing a month ago, so his optimism is high.  Are you ready...