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WCG... Where a Bear's Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Fan

This would be so much cooler if the players thought is was cool too .
This would be so much cooler if the players thought is was cool too .

I spent more time coming up with that title than I did writing this entire article.  Just sayin'.  That aside I've really been running out of ideas for stories.  But as with the title, I often turn to the television for ideas.  Tonight I stumbled across the Mediocre Popular Players Exhibition All Star Game and it got me to thinking about how lame the entire Pro Bowl/All Star exhibition game has become. To the point that not even the players care about it any more.  It's bad in every sport.  But I only really care about football so I thought we could revisit an oldie but a goodie (not talking about you Ed) and discuss ways to make the Pro Bowl better.  I have a few ideas and I'm looking forward to yours after the jump.

First I don't even think we need to have a game.  Leave it as the honor it is and don't make them even play and risk injury.  Just come out with your list of Pro Bowl (rename it if you want to remove the whole "bowl" concept) players and maybe have a ceremony for them showing some season highlights for the fans.  Second, don't hold it anywhere near the Super Bowl.  It's just a let down after a great season.  They could make the whole naming process into its own production and hold it at Canton right before the first preseason football game.  What better way to start off the season.  And then, just maybe you'll have players seeing this as the honor it was intended to be and not something they try to avoid.  That's what I'd like to see them do.  Your thoughts?