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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Cornerback #1

Gave ya a little plot twist there, didn't I? Here I bet you were thinking "Oh, he's gonna give us the second linebacker this time..." Nope. We've messed around with the front seven enough for the moment (and besides, there's always Wednesday...) so now, we're going to give the back four some attention. Of course, we've got our second defensive tackle voting going on right now and it's as heated as ever, so get over there and make your voice heard. Once you've done that, you'll follow me past the jump where we show our first set of candidates at cornerback...

Charles Tillman: Tillman is, simply put, a stripper. Quite frankly, he's been the best at punching out balls. Now that I've got those jokes out of my system... Tillman was a second round pick of the Bears in 2003 out of LA-Lafayette. Durable; has played in at least fourteen games in every season except 2004. Has two sacks, 27 interceptions with three returned for touchdowns, twenty-three fumbles forced, seven recovered and one returned for a touchdown, 98 passes defended, and 550 tackles with 81 assists.

Nathan Vasher: Dubbed "The Interceptor" early in his career for his ball-hawking skills, Vasher was a fourth-round draft pick out of Texas. Despite his limited starts (only 46 starts in 73 games played as a Bear), racked up 20 interceptions, returning two back for a touchdown; forced two fumbles, defended 44 passes, and had 139 tackles with 27 assists.

Jerry Azumah: A 1999 fifth-round draft pick of the Bears, only started in 49 of his 105 games played as a Bear. Since 2001, Azumah racked up 6.5 sacks, nine interceptions with a touchdown, 26 passes defended, three fumbles forced, and 268 tackles with 48 assists.

R.W. McQuarters: Signed as a free agent after the 1999 season, started 47 of his 72 games as a Bear. From 2001 to 2004, picked up a sack, eight interceptions with a touchdown, 34 passes defended, one fumble forced, recovered another for a touchdown, and recorded 193 tackles with 42 assists.

As always, if you have a difference of opinion, vote other and let us know who you'd rather vote for!