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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Right Guard

No, we aren't voting on deodorant today. But after not doing a vote on Wednesday because of the awesomeness and dominance displayed by one Olin Kreutz not allowing any other player to take his starter job, we're A) in serious need of a poll for the next offensive line position, and B) due for a corny Right Guard joke. Follow me past the jump where we look at the guys that kept the odor of sweat and fresh grass and mud off our quarterback...

Roberto Garza: Fourth round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 2001, signed by the Bears in 2005, started seven games that season, started full-time from 2006 on.

Chris Villarrial: Fifth round pick in 1996 of the Bears, manned the right guard position until 2003. From 2001-2003, missed four games total. Left for Buffalo after 2003.

That's all you're getting for this one, folks. Place your votes, and if you don't like either of these options, vote "other" and tell us off! While you're venting, please tell us who we missed that deserves to be on the team.