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The Night Before Contract-mas

'Twas the last day of lockout,
and all through Halas Hall
not a player was stirring
or throwing a ball.

Virginia had laid out
the millions with care
with hope that free agency
soon would be there...

Angelo dreamed of
a linesman or two,
the contracts to sign,
and some players to move.

The challenge flags sat
right by Lovie Smith's chair
with the hope he will use them
with a little more care.

Mike Martz had visions
of eleven-step drops
and a playbook so large
it makes Cutler's head pop.

Toub was up scheming
about his special teams
with dreams of D. Hester
running balls down the seam.

Urlacher was sleeping
and picturing sacks,
and Briggs was imagining
QBs on their back.

Forte was a-slumber
still in his running shoes,
looking for a cutback
behind his new O-line crew.

The goal posts were up
standing yellow and bold,
awaiting the kicks
of sure thing Robbie Gould.

Carimi was ready
to work with Mike Tice
with the hope that Jay Cutler
won't have to run for his life.

Rod sat there quiet
to save up his power
for yelling at linesmen
while giving a glower.

The defensive backfield
dreamed they were in limbo,
and all hoped to stay clear
of D. Manning Syndrome.

Peppers was turning
around in his bed,
practicing twist moves
to make QBs lose heads.

The football was clutched
in Pat Mannely's hands
while he thought of direct snaps
for a defensive twelfth man.

All of a sudden,
the lights seemed to flicker
and the happy news came down
the ESPN ticker.

CBA signed!
The players will play!
The owners will stay rich,
the players get paid!

Papa Bear smiled
from his place in the clouds,
and his voice echoed 'round
the Chicago downtown.

"Bear Down, Chicago
for your team is back --
watch out NFL,
for the Bears on attack."

"So onwards to Detroit,
the Twin Cities, too.
This is the season
for a new Shufflin' Crew."

"The players will rumble
down old Soldier Field.
And tho' we might falter,
the Bears will not yield."

"So roll up the score, Bears;
send them running in fright!
Give teams a taste
of the Papa Bear's fight."

"So Chicago, be happy
for this one simple reason -
the lockout is over,
bring on the pre-season!"

While it seems like today isn't exactly the day, I'll wish everyone a merry Contract-mas Eve anywa