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Lockout Updates: NFLPA Not Ready To Vote Tonight? (Open Thread)

We FanShotted this before, but with the updates that have been coming out and the details going on, we figured we'd give you a new thread of updates.

Let's give you the big three headlines first:

First, the owners voted to ratify a lockout-ending settlement 31-0, with the Raiders abstaining.

Second, the Hall of Fame Game has been cancelled.

And third, the NFLPA's conference call is still in progress, but Jay Glazer is throwing some cold water on the thing, and the Saints' Heath Evans isn't too happy with the owners himself. According to both, the owners added some last minute things to the CBA that the NFLPA hasn't been able to digest yet.

This is the agreement the owners agreed to; I posted a few highlights of it in the comments thread of the FanShot, but it looks like a fairly balanced deal. The NFLPA, though, is claiming it needs to look at some new things the owners added to the document last minute. The document the owners ratified is a ten-year deal with no opt-out clauses on either side.

If the players eventually get this thing done tonight (key word if), facilities would open Saturday with the league year beginning Wednesday.

The NFLPA would need to recertify in order for this to be wrapped; otherwise the NFL opens itself back up to anti-trust laws. For more info, read up.

I'll link back to the two videos I posted earlier: The Commish discussing the deal and Jerry Jones giving the owners' point of view.

UPDATE: An email was sent around to the NFLPA questioning the NFL's procedures of ending the lockout. Here's the PFT article; if there's a copy of the full email floating around, I'll link it up here too. De Smith also was questioning the newly owner-approved supplemental revenue sharing plan.

UPDATE II: The conference call has ended, and there was no vote.