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Urlacher Sounds Off On Lockout Trouble

Normally I wouldn't care too much when stuff happens and a random NFL player spouts off. However, when it's something as big as what went down Thursday night and when that random NFL player happens to be Brian Urlacher, well, we have no choice but to stop and listen. Especially since I would rather not consider having my head ripped off by an angry high-level linebacker. But enough of my inanity; let's go past the jump to see what Urlacher had to say...

The link to the radio interview itself is in the blockquote below.

"I think there's some shady stuff going on from one of the sides," Urlacher said on K-HITS Friday morning. "I think the owners voted on a deal that wasn't OK'd by the players. We agreed on something else, but they voted on something totally opposite."

When asked about the 18-game schedule...

"I don't think that helps anybody," he said. "All the owners are talking about these days is player safety and we gotta watch out for concussions and stuff like that. How can you add two more games to our season if you are worried about our safety? It doesn't make any sense."

What do you think about what Urlacher has to say? Sound off!