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With the Lockout Dead, Let's Talk Forte!

A certain second round running back draft pick in 2008 out of Tulane has started all 48 games, plus a pair of playoff games, in his brief three year career. He's been given the ball 811 times, rushed for 3,236 yards and 18 TDs at a 4.0 YPC clip. In the passing game, he's caught 171 balls, and never less than 50 in a season, for 1,495 yards and another 7 touchdowns. On those 982 combined touches, he has all of ten fumbles, six of them in 2009. His worst season is a 258-carry, 929 yard, 4 TD campaign. He's a back that can run the ball, catch the ball, block in blitz pickup, chip an end... He's a back that can perform on any down.

And he's only set to make $550,000 this season. If this were any other season, he'd be holding out. Strike that, if this were any other season, he'd be re-signed already and in camp.

The thing is, I didn't need to tell you all of that, and you don't need Matt Bowen to tell you what he does either. You guys all know the value Matt Forte brings to this Bears' offense in just about every capacity. Jay Cutler sure knows Forte's value. Even Mike Martz figured out Forte's value.

The question isn't "Should the Bears re-sign Matt Forte," as that would only be greeted by a rousing round of "Durrr!!"

Instead, let's just get it done fast. Looks like he wants it to be that way. What say you, WCG? And how much (years and money) would you give him? We know premiere running backs don't have the longest shelf life...