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Did you notice? Florio's article included 'impersonator' Favre

Windy City Gridiron is by no means an "inside source" when it comes to Chicago Bears news or NFL happenings.  We're comfortably relegated to hearing about what is going on the the football world, then providing our own thoughts and analysis to what we find.

What really makes me cringe is when others in the same capacity get referenced as a source, and Mike Florio is a perfect example of that.  Readers constantly use PFT as a source of news, when the majority of their articles simply link back to the real sources, and provide their own spin.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but sometimes it is definitely worth a laugh.  

In today's PFT article linking Brett Favre to the Eagles, did you catch the picture used in the article?  If so, did you notice anything about it?  More specifically, did you hover your mouse over the pic?  That's right, the pseudo-caption says favreimpersonator.  

Do you know where that pic is from?  Here, let us provide a reference...

It's our obligation to point to credible journalism when linking to inside sources, and WCG prefers Brad Biggs, Sean Jensen, John 'Moon' Mullin, Vaughn McClure, etc when sourcing all the latest and greatest in Bears news and insight.  They are there, day in and day out, at Halas Hall and other venues, to let us know what's going on.

Somehow, Mike Florio and PFT has managed to become a source of constant reference to news, but at the end of the day, aren't they just linking back to the real sources for information, and providing their own spin?

Regardless of your personal preferences, this is a great example of entertainment, at the very least.  Sorry, Florio, but we'll be sticking to legitimate sources for our Bears and NFL news from now on...