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The Greatest Bears by Number (5-9)

Let's continue our look at the greatest Chicago Bears of all-time by jersey number. This one might cause some controversy because some numbers, while having lots of options, have had many lackluster players donning that jersey. Make the jump and see who lands where...

Number 8 proved to be a real tough choice. With the likes of Vince Evans, Cade McNown and Rex Grossman wearing it, it was really a 'who is less worse' contest. Then there was Maury Buford, who had a short stint with the Bears but isn't entirely forgettable. However, I was able to dig up a Pro-Bowler who donned number 8 to fill the slot! Number 9, on the other hand, has been good to us, giving us two championship QBs and one great kicker. My pick for 6 is likely to cause a bit of controversy but I think I used sound reasoning. After passing over two good kickers in my first post (at numbers 1 and 2) it was time to give a kicker some love.

5 - George McAfee, HB (1940-41, '45-50) - It's retired for him for a reason. He's on the 1940's All-Decade Team. He was Devin Hester before Devin Hester and Gale Sayers before Gale Sayers.

6 - Kevin Butler, K (1985-1995) Honorable Mention - Jay Cutler, QB (2009-present) - Sorry I'm going with the all-time leading scorer over Cutler. I love Cutler and when he wins a Super Bowl, he'll be the best no. 6 of all time.

7 - George Halas, E (1920-1927) Honorable mention - Ed Sprinkle, E (1944-1955) - Actually this is tougher than it looks. Well, no, actually. Halas founded the team and was instrumental in starting the NFL. But Ed Sprinkle was a guy Halas called "The greatest pass rusher I ever saw." He was also known as the meanest man in pro football and played guard, tight end, defensive end and linebacker during his career. Had sacks been a stat I imagine he'd be in the HOF  but as it is, he was on the 1940s All-Decade Team.

8 - Hugh Gallaneau, HB (1941-42, '45-47) - Who? Yup, a one-time Pro-Bowl selection in 1941, this guy rushed for 1,421 career yards and 26 TDs, while adding another 794 yards and 7 TDs receiving for his career. In his Pro-Bowl season of 1941 he had 8 rushing TDs for the World Champion Bears. Honorable Mention - Rex Grossman (Career record: 19-12 and a Super Bowl appearance)

9 - Jim McMahon, QB (1982-1987) Had to be the Punky QB. He'll forever live in the hearts of Bear fans, as well as anyone who admires his "It's my way" mentality. Honorable Mentions - Robbie Gould, K (2005-present), Bill Wade, QB (1961-66)