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Fantasy Football Pre-Free Agency Edition

Who else is up for grabs?
Who else is up for grabs?

There it is, we have football again...A week earlier would have been nice, but hey, that's what happens sometimes. With that in mind, Free Agency doesn't kick off full swing until Friday, so between this issue and Friday's issue we will look at (and then update) player movement and anticipated player movements to see what impact they may have on Fantasy for 2011. Remember, drafted and undrafted rookies can sign, and trades can happen starting tomorrow.


There are a lot of stories and rumors out there around the NFL, and the challenge of fantasy is that we have to take the Bear blinders off and look league-wide. Let's start perusing, shall we?

CBSSports has 10 "must make" moves before Friday. They include some recurring themes of the pre-free agency movement, so let's take a look at a couple. Reggie Bush will take a paycut or he will leave the Saints. He mostly has value as a #4 RB, with most of his upside in PPR leagues as it is. I am not sure he takes one for the team though, its hard to step off of nearly $12 million, and while he won't get that elsewhere, he could get more outside of New Orleans. I am in the minority and see him moving...But it won't impact his draft status much. Jets need to re-sign Santonio Holmes....Or not, because I hear Washington will get into a bidding war for him. Sadly, he stays a #3 receiver despite his talent in either of those locations...The Skins and Jets just don't throw that well. If he hits real Free Agency, I'd be prepared to upgrade him to a #2 if he landed with a decent QB. Kolb/Palmer/Orton/Favre/Kev H all going to Arizona to play QB...If one of these happens, it cements Fitz's spot moreso than upgrades the QB arriving. If nothing happens, be ready for Fitz to be the top #2 receiver rather than a true #1 for a second straight year. Carolina trades Steve Smith to Chicago? That would make me happy. Seriously, if you can get Steve Smith playing anywhere but Carolina and draft him as a 3rd or 4th receiver, you could be getting a true steal.

ESPN has the top 10 free agents and possible landing spots. Names of note right now are WR Santonio Holmes, WR Sidney Rice, RB DeAngelo Williams, and less so but still WR Braylon Edwards.

Unrestricted Free Agentss could include guys like top 20 RB Ahmad Bradshaw, #2-3 receiver NYG Steve Smith, RB Jerome Harrison is worth a flier, especially if he gets out of Philly, and Santana Moss has some real value as a 3rd receiver, Steve Breaston's a free agent and so is St. Louis WR Mark Clayton and WR James Jones. Stud RB Cadillac Williams could get out of Tampa and find some resurgence (maybe) and Ronnie Brown just might click somewhere new. Really interested to see where Malcolm Floyd and Legedu Naanee land. RB Cedric Benson is out of contract and out of prison at the moment, and rumor has it Todd Heap will be cut.


That was a mouthful, what am I missing?