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The Chicago Bears biggest on-field issue is...

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Renegotiating Matt Forte's contract.  Really?  Let me clear the air before some knucklehead tells me what a dope I am in the comment thread...  This Forte contract thingy isn't my idea, this is according to the Sporting News.  While I clearly realize how important his skills are to the Bears, I don't think he's the "biggest on-field issue" for Chicago.  He's under contract, there's no threat of a hold out, so they have all season to re-do his deal.  Matt Forte will get his, and he'll remain a Bear.  After the jump I'll blockquote what SN said...

Chicago Bears: Making Matt Forte happy. He's too important to the offense to not show him the money he deserves in a multiyear extension.

For the record I disagree with SN.  Not on the fact that he should get an extension, but on the fact that it's priority #1.  Here are a few things I deem more important than their Forte idea.  (In no particular order):

  • Re-sign Olin Kreutz, Anthony Adams, & Nick Roach and/or Pisa Tinoisamoa
  • Address the resigning of Caleb Hanie (he'll be back), Brian Iwuh (I hope he's back), and Corey Graham (I doubt he'll be back)
  • Find some warm camp bodies to play with. 
  • Sign a free agent offensive lineman or two.  (Preferably a starting quality guard)
  • Sign a wide receiver.  (Bears fans this might be Rashied Davis)
  • Bolster the defensive line through free agency.

As a matter of fact, I'll bet with the truncated off season that not one team will prioritize renegotiating with a player currently under contract, unless that player is planning on holding out, and the teams believes that player is critical to their success, a la Chris Johnson.

Sporting News?  Not really.  Here, let me fix that for you.

Sporting News

Sporting Un-Researched Information.

Much better...