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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Cornerback #2

We're continuing to wind down here. I don't have anything witty to add at the moment, so let's just get to it...

At the third linebacker position, Hunter Hillenmeyer edged out Rosevelt Colvin with 50% of the vote.

If you can play eight years in a single uniform, you must be doing something right. Hillenmeyer wasn't particularly flashy nor a big play guy, but he was a solid linebacker when he started and an able backup.

Let's hit up the second cornerback position; follow me past the jump where we'll look at the remaining candidates from the #1 cornerback poll and add in one or two to find out who's joining Peanut Tillman...

Nathan Vasher: Dubbed "The Interceptor" early in his career for his ball-hawking skills, Vasher was a fourth-round draft pick out of Texas. Despite his limited starts (only 46 starts in 73 games played as a Bear), racked up 20 interceptions, returning two back for a touchdown; forced two fumbles, defended 44 passes, and had 139 tackles with 27 assists.

Jerry Azumah: A 1999 fifth-round draft pick of the Bears, only started in 49 of his 105 games played as a Bear. Since 2001, Azumah racked up 6.5 sacks, nine interceptions with a touchdown, 26 passes defended, three fumbles forced, and 268 tackles with 48 assists.

R.W. McQuarters: Signed as a free agent after the 1999 season, started 47 of his 72 games as a Bear. From 2001 to 2004, picked up a sack, eight interceptions with a touchdown, 34 passes defended, one fumble forced, recovered another for a touchdown, and recorded 193 tackles with 42 assists.

And now I'll add the dark horse candidates (well, for these, very dark horse)...

Walt Harris: A first round draft pick of the Bears in 1996; played with the Bears through the 2001 season. Played 15 games, started 13 in 2001. Returned his one interception that season for a touchdown, his third TD as a Bear, and forced a fumble, his ninth as a Bear.

Zackary Bowman: Well, I did say "very dark horse..." A fifth round draft pick of the Bears in 2008. Had 6 interceptions in his 2009 season. In his career, has 15 starts in 30 games played, seven INTs, 11 passes defended, two fumbles forced, two recovered, one for a touchdown.

As always, if you have a different player in mind, vote "other" and tell us what you think!