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2011 Film Tourney: (1)The Waterboy vs. (8)Johnny Be Good

The Waterboy. Johnny Be Good. A one-seed. An eight-seed. Two movies about football, but which one is the best?

Choose one. Make your voice heard. The descriptions are after the jump.

The Waterboy (1998) - Adam Sandler plays a dim-witted waterboy with an overbearing mom. When it turns out this kid has some football skills, a sketchy coach from a sub-par band rides him to victory, and everyone learns a lesson. This movie stars litterally everyone who has ever been in an Adam Sandler film.

Johnny Be Good (1998) - Former movie nerd Anthony Michael Hall plays a top high school prospect, who's getting offered everything by every school except the local state college. His girlfriend wants him to go there, his best friend Robert Downey, Jr. wants him to take the best deal. Not sure what he wants to do, they go to the recruitment sessions as he wrestles with the decision of his life.