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2011 Film Tourney: (2)The Blind Side vs. (7)Heaven Can Wait

Which is the better movie? Sandra Bullock guiding a young man on the path of politeness and football, or a QB who gets a second chance--in the body of an old rich guy?

(2)The Blind Side vs. (7)Heaven Can Wait

Descriptions after the Jump

The Blind Side (2009) - . Based on the true story of Baltimore Ravens player Michael Oher. The tale of a young African-American man with not much going for him besides his size, this film garnered an Academy Award for actress Sandra Bullock, who brings the young man home, shows him some family, and teaches him about the great person inside, as well as out. This, of course, is through the life lesson of football.

Heaven Can Wait (1978) - The LA Rams QB (yeah, I know. Sounds weird now.) has is life accidentally taken away before its time by an overzealous angel. He gets his second chance at life in the body of an old millionaire. Will he learn the value of changing his ways?