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Chicago Bears Free Agency Frenzy-Thursday Open Thread

Free Agency is chugging right along, isn't it? Well, for some teams, anyways.

It looks like:

And the Bears shored up one of their most important positions by agreeing to terms with former Jaguars Punter Adam Podlesh.

Yep, it's that time of the year.  More after the break.

10:00AM: Sean Jensen reports that Rashied Davis is off to Detroit.

9:37 AM: Mikey Lombardi says Steve Smith is staying with the Panthers. So get the hopes of that trade out of your mind.

The Steelers are releasing Max Starks and Antwaan Randle-El, they announced today. Starks is coming back from neck surgery, and was widely assumed to be coming back to take his tackle position back. Likewise, Randle-El was put on IR for neck problems. Could Starks be a Bears candidate? A solid guy with some health problems certainly sounds like Jerry Angelo...

The Cowboys re-signed Kyle Kosier to a three-year deal, so if he was on your radar, shoot a missile at him, because he's down.

Adrian Peterson is sad because his buddy is leaving.

We'll keep bringing you news as we get it all day. Enjoy!