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Chicago Bears Free Agency Thursday Overflow Open Thread

Olin Kreutz
Olin Kreutz

Our Free Agency Threads get as many comments as our Gameday threads. You have to like the dedication of the WCG community.

11:50am: Bears agree to deal with big, blocky tight end/lineman hybrid Matt Spaeth. This is every indication that Olsen is gone. (And possibly the manatee, too)

Some other speculation after the jump.

Patriots Offensive Lineman Nick Kaczur was a no-show at camp today. He was out with back problems this year, and is owed $3.4 mil for the following season, an awful lot for the Patriots to pay someone to be a backup. If he goes free, is there interest from Chicago for him?

Nnamdi most likely to be a Texan now. Is he the thing that will get the Texans past the Colts?