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I don't care if the Chicago Bears trade Greg Olsen

Let me preface this post by saying that I think Greg Olsen is a good player.  He's a good pass catching tight end and his blocking has improved every year.  But.  Sometimes schemes change in the NFL and you're forced to adapt your roster.  Some defenses make the 4-3 to 3-4 switch or vice versa and some offenses switch from a West Coast scheme to a more vertical passing attack.  Greg Olsen is not a critical piece to the Bears.

It sucks that a former first round pick may be shipped out of town, but isn't now the time to do it?  The Bears may as well get something for him now, rather than allow him to walk away as a free agent after the '11 season.  And he will walk away as a free agent.  He's in the last year of his contract, so if the Bears can squeeze a 5th or 4th, or hopefully a 3rd round pick out of him, then I say do it.  Olsen showed his versatility in 2010, so some team will want him.  He's just not a critical piece for Mike Martz's offense.

Kellen Davis is bigger, he's just as athletic, he's maybe a touch slower, and the blocking is about even, although some say Davis is better.  Davis could produce about 30 receptions this year.

For all the speed and athleticism that Olsen has, can you think of one remarkable run after the catch play he's had?  One shake and shimmy move or one bullish run?  If he caught the ball in space, he'd run straight ahead until he was tackled.  If he caught the ball in traffic, he'd get tackled.

I think Olsen is what he is, they'll be no 90 catch season from him regardless of the offense he plays in.  He's not Dallas Clark or Jason Witten.  I'll wish him the best if he's traded, but I won't lose any sleep over it.  To paraphrase Ivan Drago;  'If he goes, he goes...'

And just a reminder this is NOT AN OPEN THREAD.  Take the naughty words elsewhere.