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FA Frenzy - What are your sources!?!

I figured any post not concerning free agency is going to die a quick death since updates are coming in... well, there's another one! So, jump with me for a listing of sites I'm addictively checking for all FA information, and a chance to link your favorites in the comments section.

Obviously there's almost too much information for everyone journalist, blog, newspaper, world wide leader, etc to keep up with equally, so I want to hear from you what websites your following during this frenzy to keep you up-to-date (beyond the WCG Open Threads, which, if you're not a part of, you're missing out). The ones I've listed below are kind of obvious, but these links are my goto places for NFL/Bears Free Agent news. List your favorites in the comments section; be sure to include the site name or affliation and a proper link that can be opened/made a favorite.

Windy City Gridiron (of course!)

Pro Football Talk

Chicago Tribune - Bears news webpage

ESPN NFL Nation Blog

Brad Biggs Twitter Page