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WCG Film Tourney: (2)Knute Rockne, All American vs. (7)Paper Lion

Here's tonight's match-up. The Gipper vs. A writer.

(2)Knute Rockne, All American vs. (7)Paper Lion

Descriptions after the jump.

Knute Rockne, All-American (1940) - Ronald Reagan portrays George "The Gipper" Gipp in this classic film about the life of Notre Dame’s most famous coach. Have you ever said "Win one for the Gipper?" If so, you've wittingly or unwittingly quoted this old-school football classic.

Paper Lion (1968) - George Plimpton tried out for the 3rdQB position with the Lions (which, hell, maybe I should try.) He wrote a book about that experience, and then Alan Alda (a very young Alda, I might add) starred in the movie.