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Fantasy Football: Brad Maynard Edition

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He didn't like the cold anyway.
He didn't like the cold anyway.

In case you missed out on the conversation buried in our constantly growing, multi-thousand open threads on free agency, I had someone ask me one of my least favorite fantasy football questions, and because it was brought up twice, I decided to do a whole article on it...I won't point fingers, but let's call the following a tribute to our favorite punter, Brad Maynard.


Don't believe me? Pro Football Focus does. don't know where to play it? ESPN let's you do Punters and Head Coaches!

Too excited to read on? Too bad, we've got more!

Punters score on things like the following:

  1. Net Punts
  2. Punt Yards
  3. Punts Inside the 10
  4. Punts Inside the 20
  5. Touchbacks
  6. Fair Catches

They get punished for stuff like...

  1. Blocked Punts
  2. Punts Returned
  3. Touchbacks
  4. Punt Return Yards (also usable to reward Punt Returners, but not useable for both)

The equalizer? Averages Yards Per Punt (YPP). Much like D/ST units get rewarded/punished on a sliding scale for Yards Allowed and Points Allowed, so do Punters face a sliding scale on Punt Average. So you could say get +5pts for averaging 44+ YPP, +3 for 42-43.9, +2 for 40-41.9, 0 for 38-39.9, -2 for 36-37.9, -3 for 34-35.9, and -5 for 33.9 or less!

Now that you know how to use Punters in Fantasy Football, one could argue that as long as you focus on stuff like inside the 10/20, fair catches, touchbacks, yards per punt and blocked punts, you could ignore the "how often" they kick part and just focus on how they perform.

If you were wondering about Head Coaches, its really simple - Wins, Losses, Ties, Win & Loss Margins, and Points scored are the categories normally available.

Now, if you were wondering about Free Agency impacts from what has gone on so far.... I think you deserve it, for reading the above :)

Fantasy Football Free Agency Update (as of Thurs. night)

Greg Olsen went to the Panthers, and this actually upgrades him to my top 15 but not top 10. Target him as a high #2 with something to prove in October against ours truly.

DeAngelo Williams staying in Carolina keeps him as a top 20 back, but leaves him in the 3rd in my book. He will be stuck splitting carries in a new offense, though that offense is starting to stock weapons.

Reggie Bush to Miami for me leaves Bush as an ideal #3 RB in PPR leagues or #4 in standard leagues...Because I still expect him to split carries 2-3 ways.

Steve Breaston to Kansas City moves him up some on my board, and I am thinking he is a #3-4 receiver with a LOT of upside. Cassel is better than he gets credit for, and playing 2nd fiddle to Bowe isn't a bad deal.

Sidney Rice to Seattle downgrades him to a #3 receiver on my lists, unless Seattle acquires a QB.

Derrick Mason I already called as being done, and now he isn't worth owning. Same for Matt Hasselbeck.

Santana Moss & Santonio Holmes stayed put, and both stay solid #3 receiver options, with Holmes having more upside and Moss being a low #3 option...Maybe #4 now.

Kolb to Arizona makes him worth owning as a #2. You can do worse than Fitz, and I see at least 1100 yards and 10 TDs there alone. This is more good for Fitz (solid top 10 receiver now) than for Kolb though.

Kyle Orton maybe to Miami, maybe to Seattle, maybe in Denver and still a #2 QB regardless. The new system in Denver won't let him whip it around as much, though if he goes to Miami it upgrades Marshall to a solid #2 receiver and if he goes to Seattle I think it bodes well for Rice.

Chad Ochocinco to New England moves him up to #2 receiver status. I believe.


So what'd I miss?