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Chicago Bears Free Agent Frenzy - Friday Open Thread

Mad Mike Martz is at it again.

That seems to be the general consensus, anyways, after a Thursday that saw:

  • Olsen traded to the Panthers
  • Rashied Davis to the Lions
  • Manumaleuna Cut/Spaeth added
  • Roy Williams brought in from Dallas

Signings can start happening today. Look for more players to hit the wire, and even more activity around the league today. 

The Bears need offensive line help, most would agree. Here are some guys the Bears could target:

C Olin Kreutz (Chicago)

G Justin Blalock (Atlanta)

G Harvey Dahl (Atlanta)

T Jared Gaither (Baltimore)

T Jammal Brown (Washington)

G Brian Waters (Kansas City)

Who do you like? Who do you hate? What do you expect to actually happen.