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Chicago Bears Free Agency So Far--All Draftees Signed & More (Open Thread)

Well it's mid-afternoon central time, so what better place to do a quick recap of the Chicago Bears dealings so far in the 'Quickest Off-season Known To Man.'

To start things off, deals for all draft picks have been worked out. It took some teams a little bit longer to come to terms with the way new rookie deals work out, so that front is all taken care of.


But Wait!  There's more!!!

As many are aware, Roy Williams is on his way to Chicago.

So are the punter from yesterday, and Matt Spaeth.

Gone are fan favorites Greg Olsen, Daniael Manning, Rashied Davis and Brandon Manumaleuna.

As 6pmET rolls around, be prepared for some more activity. Pads practice starts on Monday, and you can bet they'll want everyone they can have there for it.