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Saturday Morning Reset: Flash Free Agency Edition (Open Thread)

Vernon Gholston is a Bear. What will Saturday bring us?  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Vernon Gholston is a Bear. What will Saturday bring us? (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Phew, lots of activity yesterday. In case you missed anything in this whirlwind free agency period, let's recap it...

  • Greg Olsen is now a Panther. The Bears sent him to Carolina for a third round pick on Thursday.
  • Roy Williams is now a Bear. Not the defensive back, but the first-down-pointing wide receiver. He signed a one-year deal on Friday.
  • The Manatee has been let loose into the wild - Brandon Manumaleuna was cut on Thursday.
  • Member-favorite Mike Sims-Walker is heading to the NFC... to the Midwest... to be a Ram.

For the rest of the week's happenings, follow me past the jump. In other news, this is your thread for the morning as GMs rush to fill their rosters.

  • Signings: WR Roy Williams (1-Year), DT Anthony Adams (2-Year), WR/ST Sam Hurd, backup QB Caleb Hanie (1-Year RFA Tender), LB Nick Roach (2-Year), TE Matt Spaeth, P Adam Podlesh, DE Vernon Gholston, RB Kahlil Bell, All Draft Picks
  • Departures: Rashied Davis (Lions), Devin Aromashodu (Vikings), Danieal Manning (Texans), Brandon Manumaleuna (Currently UFA), Greg Olsen (Trade - Carolina)

My notes, not awful. Williams is a bit risky, but he does add a receiver with experience to this staff, and did have his best year under Martz, for what it's worth. Adams coming back is a good thing; very good run-stopper who does his job. Hurd sounds like a serviceable enough Rash Davis replacement, and Spaeth sounds like a guy that can actually do the job Manumaleuna was signed for. Roach coming back adds the strong side linebacker we were missing.

Gholston is intriguing; if the 4-3 style brings the best out of him, we might have a starter opposite Peppers. Otherwise, it's the Peppers/Izzy/Wootton trio, which was pretty effective in its own right last year. And Podlesh, well, we needed a punter and we have a decent one for five years.

Manning's departure might hurt because we haven't seen Wright handle full-time starting duties as of yet, but Houston went high enough that there's no way he was coming back.

Still some linemen around and plenty of guys that might be useful pieces, and Kreutz hasn't signed with anyone yet, so we can still bring him back. Be good, thread responsibly.