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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Kick/Punt Returner

This is it; the final poll of the series. As I said yesterday, the full team will be unveiled on Wednesday at 4 PM ET/3 PM CT with the final results in. For now, follow me past the jump one last time and let's get to the final poll...

Devin Hester: What, you thought he wouldn't show up? Second-round draft pick out of Miami. Three-time All-Pro returner, 10 Punt Return TDs, 4 Kick Return TDs. Returned the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl for a touchdown. Averaged 12.4 yards per punt return, including a wicked 17.1 last season.

Jerry Azumah: Returned kicks from 2003-2005. In 119 returns, two touchdowns and averaged 24.2 yards per return. For comparison, that's Hester's career mark for kick returns too (24.1).

Johnny Knox: Hit the Pro-Bowl in 2009 as a returner. In 40 returns since 2009, has one touchdown with a 27.7 yards per return.

Danieal Manning: In 101 kick returns, has one touchdown in 2008 and a 26.8 yards per return.

R.W. McQuarters: Began returning punts for the Bears in 2001; as a Bear, returned 93 punts, two for touchdowns and a 10.6 yards per punt return.

Ignoring RW's two kick returns, Devin Hester has the lowest yards per kick return of any of these guys. Think about that for a second. Then vote in the poll and tell us what you think. And to be honest, I know what I'm expecting...