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Bigger Picture: Chicago Bears Management, Volume 4: The Head Coach

The McCaskey family, Ted Phillips, Jerry Angelo, and Lovie Smith have all been together for several years now, and Bears fans have shown a measurable amount of disdain for each of them during their tenure together. But, how much of the responsibility falls on just one set of shoulders?

In part one of this series, the majority of voters said that they love the heritage of the team, but that new ownership might be in order. In part two, President Ted Phillips seemed to get a pass. And Jerry Angelo was identified in part three as potentially being the weakest link.

Up next, head coach Lovie Smith. The owners love him, and the players respect him... But his success rate as the Bears head coach has been inconsistent. He has shown the ability to mentor and develop players (see: Danieal Manning), but has also been like a deer in the headlights at times (see: @Atlanta in 2008). Is he being held back by his boss, Jerry Angelo, or is Lovie the type of guy where what we see is what we get?