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Julius Peppers #4 in this top 10 list

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Julius Peppers barely made the top 10 in the NFL Network's player voted Top 100, but Analyst Bucky Brooks had him much higher on his list.  Brooks had Tom Brady #1, Peyton Manning #2, Darrelle Revis #3, and Peppers at #4.  The players that voted (whoever they were), voted on who they felt were the best in the NFL.  Brooks set his own criteria and I'll highlight that after the jump. criteria consists of impact, production and value to the team. Throw in their contribution to a winning program, and it's imperative these players are recognized as difference makers in their respective organizations.

Peppers gets high marks in all his points, and he is without a doubt a difference maker.  Here's his take on putting Peppers at #4;

It's not a coincidence the Bears defense regained its bite after adding Peppers. He is a freakish athlete with an array of skills that allow him to impact the game in a variety of ways. Peppers is arguably one of the most dominant defenders that we have seen in ages, and his robust career stat line (89 sacks, 33 forced fumbles and eight interceptions) makes him worthy of his placement on this list.

Number 5 on his list, DeMarcus Ware, has been very vocal in proclaiming his displeasure with getting the 12 spot on the players Top 100 list, so the 5th spot here should make him a little happier.  He's also on record as saying he should be #1 overall.  I have no problem with Peppers being higher than Ware, as Pep elevated the Bears and that defense into the NFC Title game, while Ware and his Cowboys were a 6 win team.  Maybe next year Ware...