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The Bears will open up August 7 in the HOF Game

You can book it. The Bears will kickoff the NFL preseason schedule against the St. Louis Rams on August 7th in the annual Hall Of Fame Game. Former Bears great Richard Dent will be enshrined that weekend, and the Bears will play the game. The owners and players might cut it real close, but something will be agreed on so they can get to work.

In order for the Bears and Rams to open camp on time a deal needs to be reached by July 15th, and both side are hard at work trying to reach a deal. Hall Of Fame President Steve Perry recently talked with ESPN;

"We're making all plans to have the game on time. We've heard from both parties -- the owners and the players -- and they've expressed their desire to have the game. So, that's our plan,"

You'd think if the NFL was really concerned that the game could be canceled, that someone would tip off the HOF President?

"There is some uncertainty out there. But we're planning to have the game. Nobody has told us otherwise. In fact, both sides have told us they want to play the game."

It's getting closer... I can feel it...