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Skip Bayless names Julius Peppers top defender in the NFL

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Can we have any more Julius Peppers on a list posts on Windy City Gridiron?  Skip Bayless, along with Herm Edwards recently listed their top 5 defensive players in the NFL.  Bayless had Bears defensive end Julius Peppers at #1 while Edwards didn't have him among his 5.  Silly Herm... 

Bayless said Peppers was "a key reason" the Bears made the NFC Championship game and that Peppers is "cranked about 75% of the time and when he's cranked he's cranked like nobody else", I'm guessing cranked is a good thing.

He goes on to say, "When he decides, he is the most unblockable player in the National Football League", so here's to hoping Pep decides that a whole bunch in 2011.

Where would you rank Peppers among defensive players in the NFL?