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If there is no football, I will have to...

During the last few months, I've been relegated to the thought process that there absolutely will be an NFL season... That there is no way the lockout could really last this long. Unfortunately, we are now into the final days of when an agreement needs to be reached, and the possibility that there really might not be football in 2011 is becoming more of a reality.

For the first time, well, ever, I've actually started wondering what I will do this Fall should there be no football. Honestly, it gives me a sense of anxiety. Sunday cookouts with friends, trips to the sports bar with an excuse to spend way too much money on way too many adult libations, wearing the Navy and Orange proudly among a sea of non-Bears fans, laughing at people who ask "So, what do you think of Jay Cutler?" with a smirk on their faces...

All of this will be nonexistent. And honestly, I don't really have too many other hobbies. Sure, I love trips to the mountains with planned hikes along the way, and the occasional camp-out while cooking over a campfire, but those were always things that happened before Sunday. Leave work early on Friday, get a good day and a half of mountainous therapy, and get up way too early on Sunday morning to start my own personal pep rally.

Interviews with radio stations... Gone. Breaking down the upcoming game on WCG... Gone. Keeping track of all the offensive and defensive stats along the way... Gone. No Peppers, no Hester, no Toub.

With all of this anxiety, I need some help. I'm not a creative person, so I need your help, fellow WCG brethren and sisteren, on how I will pass the time this Fall should there be no football. I need new hobbies, or projects, or anything you can come up with to help dull the pain. So far, the best I can come up with is "Get drunk as early as possible, and pass out before I realize how depressed I am, and go to work the next day wondering where my Sunday went." But that's not healthy.

Get creative, WCG. What should I do?