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Top 10 Reasons for Bears Fans to Keep Reading WCG.

Is that an actual bone?  And from, uh, what?  Oh, and by the way, that's me.  Incognito.
Is that an actual bone? And from, uh, what? Oh, and by the way, that's me. Incognito.

I've noticed the commentary has been dropping off.  WCG hasn't been getting the hits it once received.  But I'm willing to bet ESPN and have probably experienced similar woes.  It's hard to follow the Bears when the latest news is that Robbie Gould sang the 7th inning stretch and the Cubs/Sox game.  Kinda hard to get psyched up over that.  As my buddy Ed would say, "Can't we just talk football around here once and for all!".  No Ed, we can't.  Sorry but there is really no football to discuss.  At least not yet.  

I haven't even renewed my fantasy football league and usually I get grief for being the first commissioner to get the season going again.  But if you think it's been difficult commenting and staying involved as a reader spend a week writing in the moccasins of a contributor to this site.  I'm not complaining because I really enjoy the WGC family and I live to entertain so.... yes I'm complaining.  Sorry.  This lull sucks.  For all of us.  But you need to keep the faith and here's my top 10 reasons why. (In random ( yet sequential) order to confuse the masses.)  I love parenthesis.


1.  SBN.  If you haven't noticed, this website is simply a member of the "Big Brother" of football.  Super Bowl Nation.  This site has access to news coming out of every market in the country.  If you don't get your NFL fix at WCG (And let me say, what the hell's the matter with you if you don't?) you can get links to top stories on every team in the NFL happening right now.  Now, the quality may not be as high as you have come to expect as a loyal reader here, but it keeps you current and informed.

2.  Fan Posts.  Have a great idea for a story?  Please, for the love of all that's holy, post it as a fan post.  If you're not the "writing kind" suggest it in the comments section of any contributing writer.  I had to ask my wife what to write about tonight.  I'm getting to that point.  She drew a blank.  I knew I was in trouble.  So share in your creativity. I for one, am always happy to steal ideas share the credit.

3.  Fan Shots.  If you hear about, oh I don't know.... ANYTHING happening in the NFL let us know. Please? Seriously.

4.  Photo Captions!  Who doesn't enjoy the chance to put words into someone else's mouth?  The more bizarre and awkward (usually) the better.  Like.... Olin; "Rectum?"  Jay; "Wrecked em?  Damn near killed em!"

5.  The Bears Den.  Pete Dixon does a darn fine job collecting/gathering a list of relevant links concerning the Beloved for your daily perusal.  If nothing else, it makes this site the best Bears site on the web.  Plus some interstranging music videos in the mix.

6.  OSS.  Stands for "One Shop Stop".  This has to be one of the finer features of this site.  When we actually get to see it.  HELLO!  Smudgers?  J/K.  (A little.)  Actually this man produces some of the finest Bears images you will find anywhere on the web.  I take that back.  Scratch the "some of" and proceed from there.  (Editor's note: Mr. Taylor has been tied up with real-life work stuff, and has taken a leave of absence from his OSS posts.)

7.  Any column written by any writer on this site.  (except I and smudgers, us writes the "fillers")  ((editors nightmare))  This is a site of high quality, well informed, and hard working (except for us few) writers who try to enlighten, entertain, and occasionally challenge you fine readers every day.

8.  The management.  GeauxBears is an ok guy.  He handles this place just fine.  There's this Adam guy who does.... things.  Then you have The Almighty Thor Kev H and his well handled BAN HAMMER!!!!  Plus HoneyBear and her editorial skills and I could (maybe have) write an article on why you need to pay attention to that other editor.....

9.  The In Game Thread.  For those who have yet to experience it, here's the plug...  The next time you watch a Bears game, do it with a laptop that's on WCG.  Click on the in game thread and join the famdamnily!  Trust me when I say it is truly the best way to enhance your enjoyment of watching the Bears play.  You get to join the most hardcore of us here at WCG as we experience the game together.  Only for those who can really handle it.  For the less than hardcore?  Just watch at a bar or something..... ya wussy.

10.  The regulars at WCG.  I'd attempt an Et Al thingy.  Or I'd name them all individually.  But they know who they are without me doing any unintentional disrespect.  Right?  Maybe.  Or you could all just sound off in the comments.....