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The Bears Matt Forte tells Jay Cutler, fugetaboutit

As linked in today's Den by the hard working Pete Dixon, Matt Forte was on ESPN 1000 in Chicago talking about teammate Jay Cutler and the NFC Championship game.

"What he has to do is forget what happened, and I think he already has,"

Jay Cutler dosen't come off as a guy that dwells on things.  I don't see him beating himself up about something that was out of his control.  Forte is confident that Cutler is keeping the past in the past and is 100% focused ion 2011.  The fallout after the title game was overblown, but the entire Bears organization from the GM to the players have already put in in their rear view mirror.

What's important now, according to coach Lovie Smith, general manager Jerry Angelo and several Bears is how Cutler responds to dealing with the adversity from last season. Cutler appears to have taken the right steps by organizing informal passing workouts with teammates at undisclosed locations in the area.

I still get a kick out of the "undisclosed locations" thing. 

Forte also talked about his contract.  A contract that he has by far outperformed. 

"My agent is handling that, and he's in talks with the Bears people," Forte said. "Look at the stats over the last three years, and I'm among the top five running backs in all-purpose yards and touchdowns and all that stuff. So hopefully we can do something."

I have a feeling that once they can, Forte's deal will be renegotiated.  The Bears have a recent history of taking care of their own.