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The Greatest Bears by Number (15-19)

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Moving right along in my on-going series, today we'll look at the greatest Bears ever to wear numbers 15-19. Will there be some familiar faces or more pre-60's era players? Let's find out!

This group proved to be some tough ones, not to choose between so much, but just to find one worthy player. There are some highlights at number 16, but overall, this post is lacking in a lot of  "big name" types. Number 18 came down to Tomczak and Orton, two guys whose careers look very similar, numbers-wise; Orton 21-12 record, Tomczak 21-10. I picked Tomczak because he appeared in more games and spent more time with the team. Finally, number 19 proved real tough just find a player who wore it and lasted more than one season with the team.


15 - Ed Brown, QB (1954-61) - Still ranking in the top 6 in most franchise passing records, no one would say this guy was a franchise QB (think more Dilfer/Garcia) but he posted a 41-25-1 record as a starter and made two Pro-Bowls. Honorable Mention - Jim Miller, QB (1998-02)

16 - George Musso, G (1933-44) - Played for the team for 11 seasons in an era a lot tougher on the player than todays game. Hall of Famer, class of '82 Honorable Mentions - Ed Healey, T (1922-27) - HOF 1964. Bob Thomas, K (1975-84) - Ranks 4th in scoring in franchise history, George Blanda, QB (1949-58)

17 - Richie Petitbon, S (1959-68) - Intercepted 37 passes in his 10 seasons with the Bears, good for second all-time among Bears.

18 - Mike Tomczak, QB (1985-90)  - Sure, he mostly played spot duty and filled in when injuries or poor play plagued the men in front of him, yet he carries an impressive 21-10 record as a starter. Honorable Mention - Kyle Orton, QB (2005-08)

19 - John Siegal, E/DE (1939-43) - A three-time Pro-Bowler and the media guide lists him with numbers 6 and 19 while Wiki only says 6. There really aren't many good number 19s so I went with him because he is the 13th oldest living pro-football player (93 as of this year).