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Fantasy Football Free Agency Updates: August 1st Edition

Well, the first full weekend of real contract signing Free Agency has come and gone, and while the Bears didn't do everything we wanted, they didn't sit idly by. We kept (most) of our own, adding a few new pieces, and I think did a great job upgrading certain complimentary pieces...But the rest of the NFL was busy, too, and this is Fantasy Football, not football football (thanks Ray Ray).

Moves that Moved my Draft Board

Sidney Rice to Seattle: Sidney Rice slide from a #2 receiver with much upside to a 3rd option, and a lower one at that in my book. I wouldn't touch him before the 8th in most leagues at this point, which means I probably won't get him.

Chad Ochocinco to New England: This pushed Chad from a #3 receiver to a #2 receiver in my book. I have no doubts that Brady can find Chad, and I have always liked Chad's ability to separate from a defender. I am still thinking 6th round here though.

Kolb to Arizona: This mostly locked up Larry Fitzgerald as a #1 receiver on my lists, making him 2nd-3rd round material for sure. I was afraid to draft him as a #1, and while Kolb isn't the stud his hype insinuates, he can get the ball there better than last year's crop, and Fitz can do the rest....Kolb himself is at best a #2 QB in deeper leagues.

Greg Olsen to Carolina: Made him worth owning as a #2 receiver. When I don't trust a QB, I usually trust the team's TE.

Roy Williams to Chicago: This takes Roy from not-on-my-list-at-all status to #3 receiver status in my book. I think he has more experience and talent than our other receivers (with a possible exception talent-wise to Bennett) even if he isn't Hester/Knox fast. He is now our most likely to be a 1000 yard receiver guy.

Plaxico Burress to NY Jets: This puts him on my board, but way down, in the 10th round+, 4th-5th receiver category...but it bears watching as the pre-season progresses.

Steve Smith stays in Carolina: I won't be drafting him this year, but I have ranked him as a 4th receiver.]

Mike Sims-Walker to Rams: This makes him a legit #3, and with Bradford there in a weak division, he may finish as a #2 this season.

Darren Sproles to Saints: I don't draft Sproles because I don't like limited touch, specialist players...but he is at least a #4, and in deep PPR leagues a great flex guy in the New Orleans offense.

Moves That Didn't Move My Board

Reggie Bush to Miami, Santonio Holmes & Santana Moss staying put, DeAngelo Williams staying put, Steve Breaston to Kansas City (still a #3-4), Vicent Jackson staying in San Diego,James Jones, Joseph Addai, Matt Hasselbeck's move to Tennessee, Cedric Benson staying in Cincinnati

Still Waiting On: Ahmad Bradshaw, Zach Miller, Braylon Edwards, Steve Smith (NYG), Michael Bush, Malcolm Floyd, Ronnie Brown, Jerome Harrison, Cadillac Williams, Mark Clayton (Rams)