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WCG Film Tourney: (2)Any Given Sunday vs (7)The Best of Times

Al Pacino. Robin Williams. Both names you would not expect to have tied to football movies, but here we are.

(2) Any Given Sunday vs. (7) The Best of Times

Descriptions after the jump.

Any Given Sunday (1999) - Oliver Stone directs this movie following the Al Pacino coached Sharks, as they go from injured veteran QB Cap (Dennis Quaid) to backup Willie Beamen. (Jamie Foxx). Chronicling the rise of Beamen, and the jealousy of Cap, we also get a look at the seedy backside to professional football, from endorsements, drugs, sex, and dare I say performance enhancement. We also watch as the young owner of the team (a spectacularly bitch-y turn by Cameron Diaz) clashes with the coach of the old guard.

The Best of Times (1986) - In spectacularly believable circumstances, Robin Williams plays a receiver who drops the big pass in the big game in high school. Reminded of his failure daily, he convinces everyone on both teams and the fans to re-enact the game, so that he can have one more chance. Kurt Russell co-stars as the quarterback.