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WCG Film Tourney: (4)Necessary Roughness vs. (5)Wildcats

This is the last battle of the first round. Who will round out the top 16 teams in the tourney?

(4)Necessary Roughness vs. (5)Wildcats

Descriptions to follow after this short formatting break.

Necessary Roughness (1991) - Texas State's entire team and coaching staff get kicked out for scandals and NCAA violations. The school doesn't have scholarships, and the team is on it's last legs. Hell, even the Dean wants them to fail so he can shut them down. The new coach recruits Scott Bakula as a 34 year old who'd not been to college, and this group of unlikely characters comes together with the backdrop of football. And there's a lot of cameos. A lot.

Wildcats (1986) - Goldie Hawn is the daughter of a coach who wants her own team. Then she gets her chance--with an inner city high school team. Breaking all concepts of race and gender relations, this unlikely pairing not only gets to the championship--but they learn a little something from each other.