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Which Bears Preseason Game Are You Looking Forward To?

Tommie Harris is trying to get back into Bears' camp! Somebody stop him! Oh, wait... sorry Amobi.
Tommie Harris is trying to get back into Bears' camp! Somebody stop him! Oh, wait... sorry Amobi.

I know, I know, preseason games are like light beer, its similar to the real thing, but there is no comparison between it and the sweet, delicious taste of the regular season. However, they do give us a chance to whet our thirsty palates with some hard-hitting gridiron action, so come to the dark side and see what game intrigues you the most.

Buffalo Bills

The first game is exciting mainly because, well, its first, and the opportunity to see how our new additions are taking shape. Also, the competitive side of me would like to see us make up for last year's way too dramatic 22-19 victory in Canada. Shawn Merriman could make things interesting for the Bears' line, but the 3-4 defensive front by the Bills will be good experience for Tice's boys. Plus, I want to see if Brad Smith wildcat skills truly are worth four years and sixteen million dollars.

New York Giants

If you're a fan of this site or the Bears, you know what happened last year, even if Cutler doesn't. A little payback would be nice, but this will be a big test for our offensive line and probably the best team we'll see in the preseason. Umenyiora is likely to be out still in a contract dispute, but the Giants will definitely test our team.

Tennessee Titans

Quarterbacks Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck lead a team in transition in game three of the preseason. Typically this is the game starters see the most playing time and may be the closest to real game action out of any of the four preseason games. If I had a choice, this would be my game to go and see, mainly because of the extended action by starters.

Cleveland Browns

The fourth and possibly worst preseason game is against the Browns at home. Here we get a chance to see UDFAs and end of the roster guys battle for the few remaining roster spots and showcase their skills for other teams in case they're cut. We'll see a lot of Nathan Enderle here and any of the remaining young wideouts, which holds some interest, but the final preseason game is generally sloppier due to extended backup time.