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WCG Film Tournament: Round 2 Matchups

The first round of the WCG Tournament is complete! There were some close matches, there were some blowouts, but we now have the Top 16 football movies as voted by the WCG community.

As we lead into Round 2 (full table after the jump), the format will stay the same. Polls will go up--vote on your favorites! The competition is a lot more fierce--don't assume because you like a movie, that it's automatically going to win.

The bracket went chalk with two notable exceptions. What were they? Find out below the virtual fold...

What were the two upsets? (5)Everybody's All-American took down the Marx Brothers' (4) Horse Feathers, by a sizable ten votes.

The Beek's (6)Varsity Blues destroyed (3)Little Giants with 66% of the vote. He does, in fact, want your life.

And finally, notable mention goes to (4)The Program, which defeated (5)We Are Marshall by the margin of just four votes.

Here's a look at how the bracket stands from the Spectacular Sixteen forward--who will win? Discuss your projections below!


Lovie Smith Division
(1)Remember The Titans
(4)The Longest Yard '74
(3)Friday Night Lights
(2)The Blind Side
(5)Everybody's All-Amer.
(3)Brian's Song
(2)Knute Rockne, All-Am.

George Halas Division


Mike Ditka Division
(1)North Dallas Forty
(4)The Program
(3)All The Right Moves
(2)Any Given Sunday

(4)Necessary Roughness
(6)Varsity Blues
(2)The Replacements
Ralph Jones Division