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Behind Enemy Lines: Things are looking up.

I'm a Wisconsin resident. I'm over it. After having a momentous build up to move in day, then discovering that my Bears aura may have cured the neighbor kids of their Packer fever, we're now not even the new kids on the block. We live in a duplex and the other half wasn't occupied until last week. New neighbors. Needless to say, I feared the worst, with the worst being rabid Packers fans.

We saw them moving in and I was hoping for Illinois license plates, but no such luck. Wisconsin plates. But at least they weren't the special issue "G" plates for Packer fans. (shudder) They seemed nice enough however, we had the usual neighborly small talk, but who knows what secrets may lurk. But then...

Last week while I was at work, my wife spotted their little son running around as they moved in, and she saw that he was wearing a familiar navy colored hat, with the unmistakeable orange "C" above the brim. Could it be... Chicago Bears fans? My wife called me to give me the news, but the pessimist in me assumed the kid was playing the rebellious role, and the parents were staunch cheese bleeding Packers fans. Ugh... But it was call #2 that afternoon that really made my day.

In our duplex the front doors face each other from across the driveway, so they're won't be many secrets. But my wife overheard the adults calling for their son. "Payton! Payton!" My wife immediately called me to tell me the potential good news. Payton? Coincidence? Or is he named Peyton with an 'e'? I needed confirmation on his name.

A Chicago Bears hat + naming their son after the greatest football player to ever live = A Bears family. But I had to know for sure... How can I get a name spell check without seeming like a creepy neighbor...


I hope they didn't spy me taking the pic...