Devin Hester would like to comment on the allegations regarding Devin Hester.

What up, Chicago?


Devin Hester here. And I'd just like to take a little time to comment on the recent allegations made by certain websites that I recieved inappropriate benefits from certain University of Miami boosters. (So many, in fact, that they got their own page.) Notably, $3,000 to buy an engagement ring. And I'll admit it, it's true... I did take that money. But I did it for love! Surely there's no more noble cause, right?

And yes, I may have gotten into clubs and mansions and sweet ass yachts, but let's face facts here: I got a degree in playing professional football. I would argue this - how is this different from any other paid internship that any other college student would get? Da U just happens to be progressive when it comes to the idea of offering certain athletic degrees. Don't hate on that.

Anyway, you fans are great. I'm really hoping they change that rule back about kicking from the 35, but until then we've always got punt returns, right? Check out my twitter feed (@D_Hest23) and check out my monthly blog about being a parent, "Hangin' with Devin."

Rejoice, everyone. Football's back.

Now I'm gonna go get my bountie-  er..... bonus money for completing performance clauses in my contract.


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