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Sign-Trade-Release: Chicago Bears' HBs (with a twist)


Rules: The object of this game is simple. I'll provide you with a mixture of three past or present Chicago Bears. You'll decide which one of these players (in their prime) you would sign, which one you would trade, and which one you would release.*

As you can see, no Walter Payton or Gale Sayers this week. However, we'll let these three fight it out for who's "up there with" the aforementioned legends.

Jump with me to see a few of each candidate's credentials.

Willie (The Wisp) Galimore (#28) Neal Anderson (#35) Matt Forte (#22)
NFL: 1957-1963 NFL: 1986-1993 NFL: 2008-Present
Chicago: 1957-1963 Chicago: 1986-1993 Chicago: 2008-Present
670 carries / 2,985 yards (4.5 avg) 1,515 carries / 6,166 yards (4.1 avg) 811 carries / 3,236 yards (4.0 avg)
87 rec / 1,201 yards (13.8 avg) 302 rec / 2,763 yards (9.1 avg) 171 rec / 1,495 yards (8.7 avg)
36 TDs / 34 Fumbles 71 TDs / 13 Fumbles 25 TDs / 10 Fumbles
1x Pro Bowl 4x Pro Bowl 2010 NFC Offensive Player (Wk 12)

*You must sign one, trade one and release one.

Use the comments section to tells us your selections, and the reasonings behind them.

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