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Introducing Your Writer's Staff Fantasy League

Hello everyone, and happy Friday...Though it's not quite a normal weekend when the Bears don't play until Monday, I will take that as a consolation prize at the end of the day Monday. Thursday night was the draft for the WCG Writer's league, a league I will reference and provide some updates on throughout the season (so that you can laugh at me, and our other football "expert" writers, for all our follies!).

The Teams:

David Taylor Toughactin Tinactins
Ashley Czuba HoneyBear Maulers
Steven Schweickert Punters for MVP
Brendan Hess WildCards
Just Dave MobyDickinaFishBowl
Sam Super Bowl Shufflers
DominiqueB Mel Kiper's Lost Son
Adam Tracey Hire Denny Green
TJ Drunken Polar Bears
Leonidas Purple Cobras
Sline Ronchewski The Sex Cannon
Kev Cuddly Babystealers



If the league is public access, the link should pop here. If not, sorry, we will provide some fun insights.

The draft fell funny, in my perspective anyway. Foster went first (as he continues to do in a lot of spots, and no I am still not convinced). AP and Chris Johnson both lasted until picks 5 &6 (I was 7th). We had a lot of QBs go high (6 drafted in the first 3 rounds).

My team: (since everyone will want to critique it!) ended up being QB Eli Manning, QB Colt McCoy, WR Andre Johnson, WR Dwayne Bowe, WR Malcolm Floyd, WR Davone Bess, WR Braylon Edwards, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, RB Steven Jackson, RB Felix Jones, RB LaDainian Tomlinson, TE Chris Cooley, TE Greg Olsen, D/ST New England, Kicker Ryan Succop. My take? Its a little weaker (but not thin) at RB than I like, but we do have partial PPR (0.5) League, so I think getting Ahmad Bradshaw and Steven Jackson won't be too bad in the long run (Bradshaw had 40 receptions and 1200 rushing yards last year; Jackson has 40+ receptions each of the last 3 years and 1200+ yards both of the last two years). A. Johnson is a beast, but Bowe is boom or bust, hence the choice to go deeper at WR than RB. Cooley is a VERY under-rated PPR TE. 2008 & 2010 (healthy years) he had over 75 receptions for over 800 yards each year. Say what you will, but Manning has back to back 4000 yard, 25 TD seasons. I thought Edwards, Floyd and Bess were nice bets,all 700+ yard receivers I got late in the draft, and Felix Jones might have huge PPR upside this season...Frankly I couldn't believe LT fell as far as he did (11th round)...I mean he will get less carries, but over 900 yards and over 5 TDs still deserves a look. I may be open to trading for another good PPR RB though, if the right deal comes down the stream...Still mad I couldn't get Forte :)

Paper Tiger: Potentially Drunken Polar Bears. QB Brady with WR Marques Colston, Brandon Marshall, and Anquan Boldin starting, paired with LeSean McCoy and DeAngelo Williams and the NYG D/ST...This team scares me a little bit. I think Boldin and Marshall are highly undervalued, and while I am down on the Eagles (like McCoy), I am high on Williams and McCoy is a heck of a receiver still.

First Week's Matchups:

Wildcards vs. Punters for MVP

Cuddly Babystealers vs. Hire Denny Green

Super Bowl Shufflers vs. HoneyBear Maulers

MobyDickInAFishBowl vs. Toughactin Tinactins

Mel Kiper's lost son vs. The Sex Cannon

Drunken Polar Bears vs. Purple Cobras

Hope the links above worked, give us your take on the league rosters and the draft.