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WCG Film Tourney: (2)The Replacements vs. (7)The Game Plan

The One vs. The Rock. Who will advance to the next round?

(2)The Replacements vs. (7)The Game Plan

Descriptions, as always, after the jump.

The Replacements (2000) - During a players strike, a league that is IN NO WAY SUPPOSED TO BE THE NFL brings in replacement players. Keanu Reeves plays Shane Falco, who choked away the big game in his career. Coached by Gene Hackman, he leads a band of misfits all the way until...*gasp*...the 'regular' players return.

The Game Plan (2007) - A super successful NFL Quarterback is living the high life until he finds out that he has a 7 year old daughter. Then he juggles the sports world and his new found parenthood as hijinks ensue.