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Bear Watching: What Players Are You Watching?

So we have one preseason game under our belt, with the second not until Monday. So we have a little extra time to talk preseason games! Yay, whoo hoo...

Anyway. What players matter to you guys the most this week? Follow me past the jump and let's talk about it...

Offensive Line: No-brainer. The line gave up 9 sacks last year to the Giants, I don't know if you heard, and last week the Bears took another nine sacks against the Bills. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing. Justin Tuck is out with an Achilles injury and Osi Umenyiora had surgery on his knee after all. Regardless, J'Marcus Webb and Lance Louis need to show up and prove they can play legit competition. And personally, I'm not ready to see Frank Omi-ole back in action.

Linebackers: It doesn't sound like Brian Urlacher (general soreness) or Lance Briggs (knee) will play this week. So we'll get to watch the Backup Show featuring returning linebackers Nick Roach and Brian Iwuh and rookies J.T. Thomas, Dom DiCicco, and Chris Johnson! Should be a blast.

Quarterbacks: To see which survives the Thunderdome that will likely be the Pocket. Oh, and to see if Caleb Hanie looks any better this go-around.

Who are you guys going to be watching? And if you don't say offensive line, that's cool with me, cause reading it over and over and over again will make my eyes cross. I know you're all thinking it.